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January 10th, 2023 - 20 Years of and a couple changes!!

After two decades of, I have decided to shut down the online store for replacement capacitors.  The capacitor store has been active since the launch of the site in 2003, but 20 years later, the demand is low and keeping on top of it is just more effort than it's worth.  If you need capacitors, I highly recommend Mouser or Digikey.  It has been a great run and I thank every one of my customers for a fantastic two decades!  The tech forum is still operational and I also still accept motherboards for repair.  I simply no longer sell replacement capacitors.  In the months to come, I will also be tidying up the site some.

   Back in 2002, I had an idea to start a business (actually spinoff of another business) servicing motherboards at component level amid the mass capacitor failures plaguing the PC industry.  In April of 2003 was launched!  Twenty years later, the sun is setting on this crazy little niche that I did very well with...  To get this much of a run from one little niche in tech is absolutely unheard of, and was a hell of a good run!!  The store boomed from its launch all the way up until about a year ago.  Over the last 6 months or so, I have sold very few capacitors.  The deciding factor for this was as of Jan 1st 2023, the state would require me to start charging sales tax on all internet sales...  A hassle I didn't want to mess with.


FEAR NOT, I have NO PLANS to stop taking in repair work!! 

I will continue to accept motherboard repairs indefinitely!  I will likely die of old age with a soldering iron in my hand! 

I have plenty of capacitor inventory for repairs.  I still get a bit of repair work from old preferred clients along with new clients as well.  That said, I no longer work on a full-time basis and have moved onto some other interests & pursuits.  Repair ETA's are still as advertized though, no worries!  :) has EXPRESS SERVICE Available!!

   Have an emergency repair???  Don't want to wait for the Standard Service?  Click HERE for details on's new Express Repair Service!  The average turnaround time for Standard Repair Service is roughly 10-15 days in my shop (weekends excluded).  My new Express Repair Service reduces the turnaround time to no more than 4 days in my shop (weekends excluded)!!  Express Repair Service is an additional $25.00 per board, and is completely optional.  Full details HERE.


   I also wanted to take a second to mention that I DO NOT service television boards.  The good folks over at and a few other parts houses have referred a lot of people to me seeking repair of their defective television boards.  I do not accept these for repair!  The reason is that I can not test them....and I am not the kind of technician that will service a device, and then return it to the customer untested and hope it works.  That is a recipe for disaster, and I just can't do it...sorry.  I would service a television if the entire set were sent, but that's hardly cost-effective, so I just felt it best to stay out of the online television repair business.

  BCN Services:

Looking for Motherboard capacitor replacement & Component level Repair Services?

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