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down1nit 11-15-2021 06:27 PM

XPS Slooooooow charging after blown diode.
XPS 9360 | LA-D841P

Schottky blew on dc in. I repaired the traces, replaced the diode, checked diode mode, and tested with no batt. Powered on just fine first time. For good measure tested all the other passive components that lead to the power IC and all seems fine. Tested with battery and the battery is now charging, adapter is recognized, but the battery charges only 2% per 20 mins or so. Urf. Gave it time since it could have been sitting for months for all i know.
Same slow charge rate. Replaced the power IC since it's visibly in line with the exploded diode and it actually charges a bit faster, but not much. Usually I'll see amps ramping up after a half hour or so, but this one sat 100% stable taking 200mA and no more for a full hour.

Current sense on battery side seems OK. It's possible the battery is just bad. Ordered a new one but I'm wondering if I'm thinking about this right or if I missed a data line step or something.

ktmmotocross 11-15-2021 11:19 PM

Re: XPS Slooooooow charging after blown diode.
replace current sense resistor on battery side. check all mosfets on that line for good resistance or base shortage

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