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Tommlynn49 10-02-2021 09:31 AM

Trouble ID段ng C3 Cap.
This is a Jenn Air stove model # JMW8527 AAW. NO clock or temp. light.
Disassembled and can see burn spot on one leg of the C3 cap. at the board hole. There is a resistor on that leg also. Only markings on the cap are: RGA105C and H245M. Can稚 seem to I奪 as to the it痴 capacitance or voltage in order to order a new one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

s675 10-02-2021 09:36 AM

Re: Trouble ID段ng C3 Cap.
Could be the Lelon RGA series.

RGA = series
105C = temp rating
H245 = ?
M = 20% tolerance

Other Lelon RGA show things like H136 and H736.

s675 10-02-2021 09:43 AM

Re: Trouble ID段ng C3 Cap.
Do you know the dimensions and lead pitch?

s675 10-02-2021 09:50 AM

Re: Trouble ID段ng C3 Cap.
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Here's the part number scheme I found. Doesn't seem to tell you anything.

R_J 10-02-2021 11:14 AM

Re: Trouble ID段ng C3 Cap.
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Post a picture, I suspect the value is marked on the other side of the capacitor, similar to this one.

Tommlynn49 10-02-2021 02:49 PM

Re: Trouble ID段ng C3 Cap.
Thanks everyone. This gives me some guidance. I haven’t de soldered and removed the unit yet. As suggested, it may be labeled on the side I can’t see as it’s mounted horizontally and only exposes the upper top portion. I failed to mention, it is a Lelon. Many thanks again.

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