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sam_sam_sam 09-27-2020 04:43 PM

Building a Laser / Spindle Engraving Machine very challenging
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I have been trying to build this engraving machine for last few months it has very challenging to get the part together

I had bought a very small engraving machine a few years and it sat in the box it came in because I could not find a reasonable priced laser controller and the same thing about the the motor controller ( plus the table was to small for what I want to do with it )

I have some challenges about the machine controller as well because I want an offline function so I can run the project with out having a computer hooked to machine controller

The other problem when I bought this engraving machine was to find a company in USA that sold the “ V-Slot Linear Rail ” which was not available back then only from China and shipping cost was very high and the cost of rail was a lot more money back then

Here is a picture of the hardware part of the engraving machine the controller board and it hardware is not on machine right now because of an issue with the seller of this controller

The table is not quite finished either because I ran out of the V-Slot Linear Rail for table and the top rail and the second top rail

( I have had to modify the design because of issues with the stepper motor mount and the lead screw mounting I had change the measurements so things would fit together and work together correctly )

I have to order more rail this week and hopefully the seller of the offline version of this controller and I can come to some type of agreement how to solve this issue ( the issue is talked about in another post )

sam_sam_sam 09-27-2020 06:33 PM

Re: Building a Laser / Spindle Engraving Machine very challenging
This is where I talked about the issue with the machine controller

Look at post 3

sam_sam_sam 09-29-2020 03:03 AM

Re: Building a Laser / Spindle Engraving Machine very challenging
The seller has agreed to send me another controller
Now just waiting for this controller to show up

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