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Hornnumb2 02-18-2020 07:47 PM

Hdmi adapters
I would like to use a tv with a hdmi input to use above the work bench. I would like some type of box on the bench that would have allow several different inputs. Hdmi, vga, not sure what else that I might be working on on the bench. Any ideas?

diif 02-18-2020 08:44 PM

Re: Hdmi adapters
The TV should have all the different inputs you need, what's the need for an additional box ?

Hornnumb2 02-19-2020 04:45 PM

Re: Hdmi adapters
Unfortunately the tv is older and just has hdmi and Component and composite connections.

Uranium-235 02-20-2020 02:33 AM

Re: Hdmi adapters
I have a 32" Panel TV above my workbench with HDMI (and a HDMI->DVI adapter on the end I can take off to accommodate computers of either plug) and VGA, also component, and composite

I only use hdmi and dvi. What are you wanting to use the composite/component for? Isn't this for computers? (assuming)

stj 02-20-2020 04:22 AM

Re: Hdmi adapters
i would assume it's for anything that comes in for repair:
computers, consoles ranging from HDMI all the way to composite video, AV amplifiers with OSD - anything really.

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