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Retrorockit 02-03-2022 10:20 PM

Dell XPS420 @4.32GHz
I finally quit screwing around with Optiplexes and lit the fuse on an XPS420. QX9650, 12GB DDR2 800, GTX1660TI, 2x 120GB SSD in RAID0.
150x50mm Delta 2cpu workstation fan, and XPS720 BTX heatpipe cooler.
13x333 1.425V. and holding about 70*c. Dell wait too long to speed up the fan. and I'm just using a theram; pad so far. Lapping, TIM, and tuned fan profile are coming next.
CPUZ base score 270/1049
OC score 390/1495
I haven't connected it to the internet yet so no benchmarks.

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