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tmcw 12-10-2017 10:57 AM

Jump-starting a tablet...?
I have an 8" Bush Windows tablet, and it stopped working one day. I'm looking into trying to either recover some data off it, or reviving completely with a new battery, if indeed that's what it needs.

Anyway, when I plug in the charger (mini-USB type), the red LED light comes on as expected, but even if I leave it charging for a few hours, I still can't start the tablet, and the back of the tablet remains cold, whereas when it was working ok, the back would get hot, as would be expected.

I understand a lot of these tablets need to have charge in the battery to run, they simply won't run off the power adapter, running power is constantly coming via the battery.

The battery is connected to the mainboard with 3 different coloured wires red (P+), black (P-) and white (T). The connector actually has 5 wires, but the red and black are doubled, connected together at the battery board.

The P+/red and P-/black are fairly easy to understand and connect to a supply, and I believe the T is for a thermistor, which might be harder to wire correctly without knowing what to do.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has managed to do what I'm trying to do, using a bench power supply, how do I set it up, and how do I trick the system into thinking everything is ok regarding the thermistor/missing battery?

vinceroger69 12-10-2017 11:05 AM

Re: Jump-starting a tablet...?
have a look through sorins videos i had this issue on a hudl 2 where battery was only 3.6 volts, i removed battery connector used a cheap china lipo battery charger set at 2 amps charged battery too just under 4 volts using red and black wires re connected all works fine look at his hudl 2 video.

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