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dominik0801 05-27-2020 06:45 AM

LG W1946 buttons / schematics

This is a very long story.. but in short: I have an LG W1946 PSU and controller board, but no other parts, AND just got an Acer monitor's outer case and LCD screen (which uses the same screen as the LG), but no other parts.

From the two, I want to build 1 working monitor.

Connecting the LCD to the LG boards works just fine, but unfortunately I cant turn it on/off, and can't access the menu..

The button board is a EAX61365301, but it's way too expensive, the owner of the Acer monitor is a bit poor, so I always try to fix his stuff as cheap as possible.

To be honest, the only neccessary buttons would be On/off and Auto.

If someone had a schematics of the button board, or just could measure how the Auto and On/off switch is connected, what resistors are used, I would be really thankful if they sent it my way.

Thanks in advance,

R_J 05-27-2020 12:06 PM

Re: LG W1946 buttons / schematics
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You could GOOGLE search for the manual

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