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SsimoR 08-22-2021 05:54 PM

50t32-soc xl bd short
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Hi everyone.
I have a 50" Toshiba tv that's showing vertical bars. I checked the t-con voltages and got vgh 24V and vgl -10V anyways I changed it with a good working t-con. I still have the same issue. I checked 50t32-soc xl bd and found a 100ohm resistor fried so I changed it. started the tv and it worked and I can see the logo...... but in a couple of seconds the same resistor got burned. I checked the rest of the resistors and capacitors, transistors and they're all seems to be good...Any idea what else can I do to try and solve this problem? Thank you!

SsimoR 08-24-2021 09:36 AM

Re: 50t32-soc xl bd short
It's ok, I got it fixed. Tv is up and running great!

skynetronics 10-23-2021 08:11 PM

Re: 50t32-soc xl bd short

Originally Posted by SsimoR (Post 1066816)
It's ok, I got it fixed. Tv is up and running great!

Hey mate, what you did to solve the problem?

I have the same R075 (100 ohm) open. The other components seems normal (transistors, capacitors, etc).

PS: I'm from Chile and the problem is in an AOC, model LE50U7970, same panel with the same symptoms.

zinzin54 05-20-2022 12:35 AM

Re: 50t32-soc xl bd short
I see you have the same problem as me. I have the 100 ohms resistor which is open, R082 on the 50T32-SOC XR ( the other board). So i change it but the problem is the same. I haven't time to investigate more. I think to see again this week-end. SsimoR solved the problem. Could you tell how you solved it please ?
Thank you.

dskall 05-20-2022 12:29 PM

Re: 50t32-soc xl bd short
You got to love when people don't post how they fixed a problem.
So remove that resistor check from shorted pad and locate shorts then remove one at a time until short goes away.

kasfamily 05-20-2022 01:39 PM

Re: 50t32-soc xl bd short

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