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Super360 12-07-2021 02:42 PM

Vizio E550I-B2E
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Hi everyone I have a set here that wont turn on at all. It has a white standby light but when you press power it acts like it wants to turn on by the light going off but nothing. You guys have any suggestions a tested the led strip with a led tester all is good there. So Now I'm wondering if its the psu, mainboard or tcon? thanks guys. I will upload pics of anything you guys want no problem.:cheers:

lotas 12-07-2021 03:11 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
Most likely the same problem, to solder the plug

Super360 12-07-2021 04:15 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
Yes its funny I took out the boards to find the connector was completely loose omg problem fixed thank you. That was my issue not often in tv repair is it this easy and free. thanks guys.

lotas 12-07-2021 04:20 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
Yes, along the way, this is their typical malfunction.

handsworth 12-07-2021 08:30 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
Easy Peezy, I've found or bought many of these for pennies and fixed for nothing. Glad you fixed it. :cheers:

Super360 12-07-2021 10:25 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
Good way to make some extra money for sure thanks guys.

ajshoe 12-20-2021 03:35 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
just found one of these on curb. WOW - what an easy fix. So what makes the connector solder joints go bad ? Is there a way to make sure this doesn't happen again ? Obviously this board was made CHEAP. horrible soldering on connector and rest of board.

Super360 12-20-2021 08:51 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
I took out both boards and resoldered both the male and female connectors probably bout 8 through hole on each connector just resolder the entire both connectors with FLUX AND GOOD LEAD SOLDER. finish with ipa alcohol cleaning tooth brush. Tighten all the ground screws in tv as well

ajshoe 12-20-2021 10:10 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
did all those things and soldered xformer pins also. curious why connector pins go bad.

diif 12-20-2021 11:59 PM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E

Originally Posted by ajshoe (Post 1093074)
did all those things and soldered xformer pins also. curious why connector pins go bad.

The design of the connector and lead free solder along with thermal expansion and contraction.
Did you remove all of the old solder or just added new leaded?

ajshoe 12-21-2021 07:52 AM

Re: Vizio E550I-B2E
added leaded solder. I should have removed the lead-free solder. I did touch up all the connectors and xformer. Its an easy access - probably have to do it again. seems like connection between boards should have been a short cable

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