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wordsworth 09-15-2021 05:51 PM

Help with capacitor for Asus Radeon 6870
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Hello, second post here and as many do I'm seeking help in reading markings on a capacitor to replace it on a graphics card, an Asus Radeon 6870. I'll just say I had an accident and knocked off a capacitor between the card's rear bracket and the heatsink; the location is marked PCE104.

Anyway, on the capacitor which you can see others in the image it says 5KR43, 270, 16V. I understand the 270 to be the capacitance and the 16V obviously the voltage; but I don't know if the 5KR43 numbers and letters each have meaning or is simply the number of the manufacturer's series.

I have spent some time at but don't really yet know exactly what I'm looking for without at least knowing what the 5KR43 number/letters mean. Can anyone help read this and/or point me to a capacitor that may work.

Thanks for any help.

PeteS in CA 09-15-2021 06:13 PM

Re: Help with capacitor for graphics card
That circular thingy next to the "2" of "270" is the manufacturer's logo, which I don't recognize. The "5KR43" is probably the manufacturers date and/or factory code (probably both).

The part is probably a polymer capacitor, so a good manufacturer's 270uF, 16V polymer capacitor of the same diameter and height should work OK.

wordsworth 09-15-2021 07:10 PM

Re: Help with capacitor for graphics card
PeteS in CA, thanks for the quick reply. I thought the circular thing a brand logo as well. I'm going to do more looking and take some measurements then post back here on what I find. Thanks for the help.

wordsworth 09-16-2021 04:18 PM

Re: Help with capacitor for Asus Radeon 6870
Going by that discussed above I'm looking at getting this

Any thoughts?

momaka 09-16-2021 07:48 PM

Re: Help with capacitor for Asus Radeon 6870
That little logo denotes the capacitor is made by Apaq... which is pretty much what ASUS uses all the time.
"5KR43" string indicates the series and date code, with "5K" meaning these are the AP-CON AR5K Series. R43 is the date code... but we aren't really interested in that. :)
Going by the above datasheet, ESR is listed as 10 mOhms, and RC (ripple current) as 5000 or 5230 mA, depending if the height is 8 mm or 11.5 mm.

The Nichicon PLS cap you have picked on digikey is pretty close and should work fine - just make sure its height is appropriate (12 mm) and will fit as a replacement.

Otherwise, a slightly cheaper (40 cents, lol!) alternative is this Sanyo SEPC, which has the same ESR and RC ratings as the Apaq 5K that was originally on the card.
Another option is Nichicon PLF series.

wordsworth 09-17-2021 08:05 AM

Re: Help with capacitor for Asus Radeon 6870
Thank you momaka for the information. I had looked at images of many Asus graphics cards on the web and saw that logo often so am not surprised that you say Asus uses them a lot.

I have gone ahead and ordered the capacitor I linked to above as it is the closest I can find taking all the specs into consideration. Thanks again for the info.

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