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barry wilkins 09-27-2020 03:17 PM

Faulty DVM
One of my DVMs has gone faulty .
I know why this has happened I was repairing some SMPUs ,they do have some high voltages on the 130volts and 425 volts .It has a range of 1000 volts this is why I was using this DVM .
The high voltage has dammaged something ,it has gone noisey ( 2/3 didgits) but still seems to read .Exept it will not read diodes anymore
If anyone could advise me about any thing I could replace .
It has got a dual opamp on the board


Barry Wilkins

retiredcaps 09-27-2020 03:50 PM

Re: Faulty DVM
Can't help without a make and model number. Clear focused pictures on the sides would help too.

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