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Xan03 01-23-2022 07:42 PM

Old capacitor series with "CE" markings
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Most that have opened some old consoles or other Japanese devices from the early 90s have probably seen these light blue Rubycon GP caps marked "CE W", like in this Mega Drive example:

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(image source:[email protected]/41362772945)

Now from what I gathered the actual series name for these is TWSS, since I've not seen the spec sheet on this forum I've attached it for posterity sake, even though it's probably not hugely interesting. Amusingly there's still a ton of Aliexpress listings floating around for Rubyon CE W/TWSS, some of them have fairly sane looking date codes while others have seemingly total nonsense written on them. There's also some orange caps with that designation, for however real or not those may be.

Anyway, did anyone that recapped those measured them to see how well they hold up? In the MD1 specifically a whole bunch of them are right next to two 7805s, at the video output circuitry, so I suppose a recap there might be in order sometime, especially as they are just 85C rated units. I've noticed some very faint vertical dark lines towards the left side of the screen in my MD1 output, though not sure how much that could be capacitor related.

In my N64 PSU, next to some 1997 Panasonic FCs, the bulk cap is a Panasonic "CE Y":

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Attachment 254312

Could that be just a different marking for NHG, going by the color? I wasn't able to find any reference to a Y-series in Panasonic's discontinued series list or elsewhere.

What was the reason for manufacturers not putting proper series names on their caps in some cases?

PeteS in CA 01-24-2022 06:29 PM

Re: Old capacitor series with "CE" markings
At 25-30 years old, those caps have probably been out of production for quite a while. But the 85C parts are just general purpose types, so just find a 105C general purpose series from a good company (Chemicon, Nichicon, Panasonic or Rubycon). Similarly, find a 105C 400V part from a good company that is similar in size (a modern part might be a bit smaller) and the proper lead spacing.

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