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tmcw 05-22-2022 12:04 PM

PC case - Hard drive rails
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A friend gave me his old PC case (with MB, and PSU), but no hard drive rails, he said he only used the 2.5" SSD spot inside, and used an external hard drive for data. He said that he'd have a look for the supplied rails, but I doubt he'll find them.

So I was wondering if case manufacturers used any type of standard 3.5" hard drive rail?

I'm used to the various Dell hard drive caddies or rails (and HP and Lenovo to a lesser extent), or el cheapo cases where you screw through the frame to fix the drive.

Now, the case is a CiT Gaming Case, and according to the badge on the front, is a "Vantage", however, when I was searching for rails, and the case, the Vantage ones I saw were different internally, but a bit more searching and internally it looks identical to the CiT "Vanquish" case. I've attached a photo of the hard drive area for a "Vanquish" that looks identical to mine.

Anyone know if there is a generic type rail that will fit this case?

SluggerB 05-22-2022 02:18 PM

Re: PC case - Hard drive rails
Amazon sells a bunch of hard drive rails

Topcat 05-22-2022 05:52 PM

Re: PC case - Hard drive rails
The drive rails are likely universal between any case that company makes....that said, I've made Enlight drive rails work with all kinds of cases that they were never intended to be used in.

eccerr0r 05-22-2022 06:12 PM

Re: PC case - Hard drive rails
There used to be a "standard" - the ones that IBM used for its drives in the IBM AT and XT cases - however at this point with all the clones and ATXs they tend to not be compatible with each other. Correct that within a specific brand or OEM they can be compatible but not always, but likely you'll need to search for the brand or OEM with the rail.

I have an X-Blade case that was missing rails and goes in the side like yours, I ended up 3D printing a few. Be warned however, PLA will soften if you let your hard drives heat up to 60C ... may need to use ABS or some other plastic.

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