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rigeback 10-18-2020 02:29 PM

AOC led monitor
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Hey Guys, I have problem with a power supply board which I think is not starting up since there is no 5V.

The board has a PWM Controller LD7576AGR (IC901) and might be bad according another post although there is 105V on the photocoupler pins.

I changed the caps in the high voltage zone hoping for a quick fix but this is more complicated and not sure where go from her.

Any thoughts appreciated.

R_J 10-18-2020 05:52 PM

Re: AOC led monitor
What voltage do you have ACROSS the main filter, C907? check R924, it should read 0.47Ω.
What photocoupler are you talking about? U902? if that is it, what ground were you using? hot ground or cold ground.

rigeback 10-19-2020 04:06 AM

Re: AOC led monitor
Yep I thought it was strange when I tested the big cap again and found I had 0 Volts, thought my multimeter was messed up.

After seeing I wasn't getting 220V on board I tested the cable and low and behold the fuse was blown, not sure when or how this happened maybe before I changed the caps!

To sum it up I replaced the fuse and every thing works. monitor is up and running.

Thanks for refreshing my memory.


rigeback 12-19-2020 02:46 PM

Re: AOC led monitor
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New problem with this monitor regarding the panel.

It has developed a flickering to lines on the R/H side, I have tried adjusting it with display properties which helped a bit but I can see that it could be the panel at fault.

I am considering the ribbon shim trick although it will be a complete tear down of the panel.

Any thoughts suggestions??

rigeback 03-12-2021 07:59 AM

Re: AOC led monitor
Tried the ribbon shim trick but the problem does not seem to be with connectors and I'm thinking there could be some thing wrong with the T-Con?

anyone had this issue before/

Much appreciated any thoughts

nomoresonys 03-12-2021 09:05 AM

Re: AOC led monitor
Full model number?

rigeback 03-12-2021 02:17 PM

Re: AOC led monitor
Hi there,
Its the led AOC 19" e950SWda the service manual is attached with the first post.
Most of the panel is good al; though with a quarter missing its a bummer

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