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Slanter 11-20-2011 05:21 PM

Stupid DIYer, TV wasn't broken but it is now.
So my TV, for the past two years, has been displaying amorphous dark blobs on the screen, that didn't seem to have any sort of pattern or anything, just a slightly darker section of the screen that would really only be noticable when watching something dark.

Well I read some stuff about how that could be caused by dirt buildup either between the LCD and clear cover, or between the lamp and the LCD so I started to disassemble it to get to the LCD panel. I've replaced a lot of LCD's on monitors and laptops so I figured they'd be similar.

So I get the whole cover off and get down to the LCD panel, which is just a big glass sheet with a handful of ribbon cables along the top going to 2 circuit boards along the top. My problem was that the ribbon cables were just glued to the circuit boards with some sort of adhesive, and when I lift the screen to try to get to underside without disconnecting the ribbons four of the ribbons peeled away from their seats... and now I have no way of reconnecting the ribbons, or even determining how to line the ribbon up right on its contact area. directly below where the still-connected ribbons are seated the TV shows kinda random colors, but the rest of it is black. Am I boned or can this actually be fixed?

by the way, model of this TV is a sharp aquos lc-c3742u. Kinda old. All the previous LCD's i've dealt with just had a plug for any ribbons, but apparently sharp decided being able to replace an LCD screen easily wasn't a good idea.

tom66 11-20-2011 05:41 PM

Re: Stupid DIYer, TV wasn't broken but it is now.
It's not possible to fix it. The ribbons are welded on, you can try and apply pressure to them to fix it, but it will be a temporary fix at best.

It's not possible to fix mura (unevenness) on LCDs, as the problem is inherent to the LCD, and has very little (nothing?) to do with the backlight or diffuser. It's a problem with the density of the liquid crystal in the panel.

The LCD is replaceable, but it comes as a module - backlight and all - and will be very expensive.

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