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hmendez86 01-17-2022 12:51 PM

Nintendo 2ds xl blue ligth no image
I saw some vids and said bad screen on the top, i did try d pad up and power at same time and turns on both screen but in a sec it freezes no movment at all. I turn it off and back on and does same thing blue i know screens are good its something else...this nintendo 2ds is not brick or anything...i try disconecting the cameras and does same thing...any suggestions

Technomancer 02-18-2022 11:05 PM

Re: Nintendo 2ds xl blue ligth no image
Is this your unit or one you purchased? I've read mention of failed homebrew attempts that have bricked 2DSs and caused the blue screen. You could try to enter recovery mode by holding L+R+A+D-pad UP then hitting the power button. Sometime it's easier to hit the power button with a pencil in your mouth while holding all those other buttons down good (or so I've read).

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