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Frampton 05-20-2022 06:00 PM

What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)
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I'm in the process of restoring an original XBox. It's a 1.6 unit with a Delta "D" power supply. I removed the unit and was inspecting for damage when I noticed something that looked...melty at the very back of the unit. Assuming that melty = bad, I desoldered the part with the intent of replacing this tiny, screw capped thing. I have no idea how to describe what this is though. I think it's used to make very small voltage adjustments? I'm 100% guessing though. Any help would be appreciated, pictures attached.

Also don't mind the crud, I already have a kit to replace the caps and clean the rest of the unit up.

CapLeaker 05-20-2022 06:32 PM

Re: What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)
It’s a variable resistor.

R_J 05-20-2022 06:46 PM

Re: What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)
That may just be glue to seal the controls position

Frampton 05-20-2022 06:54 PM

Re: What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)

Originally Posted by CapLeaker (Post 1134951)
It’s a variable resistor.

I see, thank you!

I guess my follow on question is what kind should I be replacing it with. I googled variable resistor 501 (like what's on the board) and found some very very similar looking parts. On Amazon, for instance, I found this. Will any variable resistor in "501 Trimpot" configuration work?

Last question is the replacement process, I assume by its variable nature that the resistor would need to be dialed in, I just have no clue how to do that. Anyone have any pointers?

R_J 05-20-2022 07:02 PM

Re: What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)
VR501 is the pot location, not it's value, check it with a meter or look for numbers printed on the pot. Are you sure it is bad, as I doubt it is burnt.
I see other pictures that have the same sealant on that pot

Frampton 05-20-2022 07:47 PM

Re: What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)
I have not tested it, I'll give that a shot. I made the assumption it was bad based on the corrosion present. It is not the only thing in this poor xbox that is rusted, I assume the previous owner liked to spray it with sea water to keep it cool. The motherboard tray was especially bad... In any case I'll make it point to test the variable resistor with my multimeter.

The back of the pot says "c 102 1" where 102 is a number all on its own. Some quick googling suggests this is a 1K Ohm part?

R_J 05-20-2022 07:55 PM

Re: What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)
Yes 102 would be a 1k pot, I suspect once you check it you will find it to be ok, Check between the two leads on the one side, then check between the single lead and each of the other leads, that will give you the position of the wiper. ie if the wiper was in the middle, checking it it that way would be 500Ω between the wiper pin and each of the others.

Frampton 05-20-2022 09:21 PM

Re: What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)
Alright good call on testing the part! Between the two legs closest along the back I got a reading of 1.094 kilo-ohms. Between one leg and the "tripod" leg it measures 711 ohms, the other measures 448 ohms. So part is working as intended then?

Also thanks so much for walking me through this!

CapLeaker 05-21-2022 04:03 AM

Re: What is this part? (OG XBox Delta PSU)
Yes, it’s working just fine.

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