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eccerr0r 11-23-2021 03:44 PM

Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools
"Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools" I mean things you get from banggood, ali, fleabay, Am-Zon, etc. like AVR-Transistortester, miscellaneous signal generators, frequency counters, (variable) power supplies, oscilloscopes, low resistance meters, etc., etc. that comes optionally with a case, or comes only with a cheap piece of plastic that barely provides protection to the PCB.

Just wondering what of these (generally flimsy) tools you actually find use (almost) everyday and find indispensable for the price, compared to buying a Fluke or whatnot, if there is an expensive option.

Must be more than just these listed here... Any other neat gadgets found that meet and even exceed expectations?

Don't include things like relay boards, raspberry pi hats, amplifier boards (unless it has a specific use), fixed voltage power supplies including soldering iron controllers, etc. - don't include things that weren't meant to be a standalone tool.

I just find my AVRTransistortester of somewhat limited use. As threadjacked in the other thread, it's cute and fun to play with, but doesn't completely fit my style I suppose. Seeing if there are more interesting stuff out there...

stj 11-23-2021 06:45 PM

Re: Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools
most used is my component tester,
then my usb-serial(3.3v) adapter,
then probably my €12 8digit frequency counter!!!
i also have a fully programable pwm generator - but that dont count because it is partially cased like a panel-mounted part

sam_sam_sam 11-23-2021 06:48 PM

Re: Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools
Can you please post a picture of what you are talking about cheap plastic enclosure and the other thing that you also talking about

eccerr0r 11-23-2021 07:22 PM

Re: Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools
Well I'll put it this way, if you can buy it without an enclosure, it counts.
I've seen some devices come with acrylic or just slabs of plastic to cover the PCB on both sides using standoffs but debris could easily fall in the sides - like https:// /itm/294448317833 - it has "case" but not really (spaces added to prevent "seo").

sam_sam_sam 11-25-2021 12:56 AM

Re: Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools
I would not call this and enclosure I would call this a ( faceplate and a backplate ) which only protects the face and the circuit from directly being shorted but not from what you have decried and I do not think that you can really call them enclosures

eccerr0r 11-25-2021 01:14 AM

Re: Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools
Correct, I classify these as "caseless" because they are crap cases, and are qualified...
Just want to ignore the devices that have actual full cases or rather, cannot be purchased without a case at all.

eccerr0r 11-27-2021 01:02 AM

Re: Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools
Oh man, is that it? AVRTransistorTester is the only tool to have?

I guess I should someday get another frequency counter else i need to upgrade the one I have, need to jury rig some decade counters and get a few 7447's...

stj 11-27-2021 05:34 AM

Re: Caseless Cheap Chinese electronic tools
my counter goes to 2.4GHz

the tools you buy will be dictated by what your doing.

my usb-serial convertor is mostly for flashing routers.
my frequency counter is for checking radio's
my pwm generator was for checking fans - but it never got to see any because people stopped scrapping modern desktop pc's :(
you could also check servo's with it, but i dont deal in RC stuff

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