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Richi_el 11-29-2021 02:10 AM

I2C Programming - How to ?

can someone tell me more about i2c programming wich interface & software is used for.

And the most important question is:
Is it possible to read the i2c data from a device, to copy it to another device.

The part wich i need programm is a TPS658621C

here the dataheet, i already found the pins H4 and J2 for SDA & SCL for the connection ,but i dont know wich software and programmer is the right one.

Thank you for support.

stj 11-29-2021 10:45 AM

Re: I2C Programming - How to ?
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are you sure that chip stores anything?
the "A" version doesnt, it just has control registers that i assume are written when you power up the device.

Richi_el 11-30-2021 04:03 AM

Re: I2C Programming - How to ?
thanks for your support.

Maybee i have to tell the whole story about it :)

i have 5 pcb`s from that device wich are not starting.
(Industrial device, same like a notebook with touch panel)

Normally the starting sequence on power supply:

beginn 0,3Amp raise up to 0,55Amp and then the devie Start by 1,4Amp

by this 5 pcbs i had some different starting sequencenes and the pcbs are not starting.

3 x starting sequences goes from 0,3Amp - 0,5Amp raise up to 0,9Amp
(the TPS658621C goes really hot) and it fall down again to 0,3 Amp

2 x starting sequences goes from 0,3Amp - 0,5Amp

so i decided to try to change the TPS658621C with new ones

The result was that all 5 pcbs are makeing now this starting sequences:

Start with 0,3 Amp raise to 0,65Amp and fall down again to 0,3Amp

All 5 pcbs make exact the same starting sequences after change the TPS658621C and also that ones wich goes hot(the TPS658621C) is not getting hot after change but not starting .

SO my result from that experiment was that the TPS658621C must be programmed and i looked to the datasheet and i saw that 11programmable mods are written in datasheet, and also that this ic is programmable with i2c interface....

I thought its like a MCU programming maybee, so i was searching for the correct programmer ect.

Maybee iam wrong, but why all devices have the same starting sequences after change TPS658621C =?

I never do this before(i2c), but i did some emmc programmings ect.


By one of that devices i had also a problem by starting process:

starting sequence was 0,3Amp - 0,5Amp and not starting...

after reflow the TPS658621C (balled) the device started normally
0,3Amp raise up to 0,55Amp and then the devie Start by 1,4Amp

Thanks for your support :rock:

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