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Default Re: BIOS guides, methods, resources and tools

2. How to clean ME/TXE region
Cleaning ME/TXE region is required after replacing the PCH or the SoC. Sometimes the ME region gets corrupted on its own and it also required cleaning.
Cleaning ME/TXE region consists in replacing the existing ME/TXE region in the BIOS dump by a fresh, non-paired one, retaining the manufacturer's configuration.

Symptoms when ME region cleaning may be required include:
  • Shutdown after 30 minutes (unrelated cause is using Core i3/i5/i7 with HM70 PCH, cleaning ME region won't help)
  • Slow POST
  • Fans spinning at full speed
  • Intel MEI not working in Device Manager
  • In case of Apple machine, macOS reboots or freezes during boot
  • No POST

Refer to: and .

Do not use use Intel ME/TXE Injector/Easy Clean ME or similar tools: they do not retain the manufacturer's configuration and can cause subsequent problems.

MS Surface no touchscreen after cleaning ME Firmware:

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