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Default Re: BIOS guides, methods, resources and tools

4. DMI editing by brand
DMI editing can be required to restore model number and serial number after flashing a blank dump or rebrand a machine after board replacement.

Copy DMI info easily with Hex editing software and Macro script:

WinKeyFinder - Search for Windows key in BIOS dump:

4.1. AMI-based standard BIOS (SuperMicro…)

4.2. Acer

4.3. Apple
For 2017 and older machines, serial number is stored in Fsys store of BIOS and can be edited with hexadecimal editor. Fsys checksum needs to be fixed afterwards
Search for "ssn", edit the serial number, save, open dump in UEFITool, go to the Fsys store and write down the suggested checksum in the panel on the right. Checksum is 4 bytes at the end of the Fsys store, between one zone of 0x00 either Gaid or another zone of 0xFF, it must be written in reverse order (so last 2 characters from UEFITool must be written first).

4.4. Asus
With these tools you can add DMI information, add a MAC address to older generation Asus boards and fix the keyboard backlight not working on newer generation boards.

4.5. HP

4.6. Intel Network Adapters
Not specific to a board manufacturer but rather to the Ethernet controller on the board.
If you want to fix the MAC address of some Intel controllers, you can use eeupdate:

4.7. Lenovo
Sometimes you only need a hex editor to edit the DMI,or to copy the DMI to a different bios. Lenovo DMI tools also exist such as LVAR .
Also some can be edited using the bios update software from the command line,read the bios release notes to find out which ones are supported that way.

Lenovo IdeaPad C340-15IML/FLEX-15IML/S340-15IML/S340-15IML Touch/S340-14IML Lenovo XiaoXin-15IML 2019/XiaoXin-14IML 2019:


Lenovo Gold Key U1 Tool:

ThinkPad Config Information Update Utility:

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