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Default Re: The 2020 Operating System Thread

Currently dual-booting MX Linux and Win10 on several notebooks, with MX as default

Rarely boot Win10, usually only to apply updates

My tips for MX:

1. Change preferences via GUI MX Tools, no need to consider CLI

a. "MX Tweak" to change from "Display panel vertically" to "Display panel horizontally" (don't forget to click Apply after making change)

b. "Repo Manager" to change updates source (for Australians, I found Australia, Sydney - to be better than Melbourne's default)

c. "Boot Options" to set default O/S

I prefer MX version 18.3 to current 19, because they dropped some minor menu items (to date I've missed Solitaire and SMTube, both of which can be readily installed anyway)

Bundle includes Firefox, VLC, LibreOffice

I'm glad to have left *buntu behind - have dabbled with it since days when Canonical sent CDs through snail mail
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