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Default Re: A 2200lm 7057 LED car lamp...

Yeah incandescent bulbs will run quite hot, depending on wattage and physical dissipation size. All of the heat must be dissipated, they can't get infinitely hot. Just that LEDs will melt down before tungsten.

I don't think I can hold onto 80C. 60C probably is my absolute limit. I burned myself trying to remove a bulb cover in my car trying to investigate what kind of lamp it uses, I think it got to 70C+ and it seems to only be 0.5W? I might have to remove it or replace it with LEDs just so I can leave my doors open without fear of draining the battery - seems it draws 3A - same as a headlight bulb - when the lights are on.

Not replacing them with this bulb of course, I think that bulb was only 0.5W to 1W at most. Perhaps an override switch to shut the lamps off when I don't want them on is a better solution...
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