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Default Re: 1300W PSU - Help with replacement mosfet

Originally Posted by sdinelli View Post
only thing is they will be a PITA to remove due to space restrictions of the long heatsinks.
any tricks on getting the screws out in tight spaces? i imagine a right angle Philips would work but dont have one .
If you have the space (I doubt it, but anyways), will a philips add-on bit (like those short ones that come with boxes of new screws) fit in there?
If no, what about "extended" nose pliars - similar to needle-nose pliars, but a little ticker / more heavy-duty? I've used those to just turn the screws, despite the head being round. If the metal grip part on the pliers is not worn out, in some cases that will be enough to engage and grab the screw to turn it. I've generally had good success with this method.

Originally Posted by sdinelli View Post
Those power fets are pretty pricey @ $8 a piece.
Well, you can always try smaller/cheaper MOSFETs (same voltage ratings, but lower rated current), just to see if you can get the PSU working again. After that, once up and running, substitute the proper parts. I've done this more times than I care to remember, especially with rectifiers and fuses. BJTs too, on a few occasions.

You can also do just multiple smaller FETs rather than a few big ones. Just connecting them would be more cumbersome, of course.

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