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Default Re: Denon AVR-X2000 mainboard caps bulging

I really wonder if and in what way the ELNA caps could be failing. Both measured completely in spec, 11.000 uF on my M4070 LCR meter and an ESR of 0,018 Ohm on my MESR-100. Could it be they fail when under load? The receiver shuts down 2 sec. after being switched on, no loudspeakers attached or input signal fed into it. So no real load present. I'm stumped, but then again don't have an education in electronics.

I now realise there's one thing (well two, to be more precise) I didn't measure yet, and that's the inductance and voltage output by the large linear transformer. Maybe it took a hit by a power surge and has some windings shorted. I will do those measurements with my LCR meter and multimeter asap and post the results here. It's very convenient that I can compare the readings with measurements on the transformer in the working receiver.

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