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Default Re: Op-amp preamp discussion

Potentiometer imbalance is another thing I've always been bothered by and this project suffers from it as well. The left channel always come in hotter than the right at low volumes and sure enough, measuring the pot confirms the (often wild) difference in resistance between the 2 channels despite these not being the crummiest of pots out there. I THINK they're from a decent brand - Alps. Ironically, I happen to have a big-a$$ Alps pot in my parts box (RK50 series) I ordered of Ali a while ago, not even aware of its full potential (pun intended) and it reads NO imbalance at all indeed. The only reason I don't use it here is because I don't like the bumpy steps it's got - it's not a linear feel when you turn it, but rather an encoder-like feel.

Initially, I was planning to use some sort of volume control IC, but while that would solve the imbalance issue, I'd introduce unnecessary complexity and possible distortion of its own, so I scrapped the idea, at least for now...

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