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Default Re: Signal Tracer - Requesting input on requirements

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
mainly for an adjustable gain circuit, as gain changes, distortion changes?
Better off attenuating input and have a fixed gain - with no distortion.
So the usual is to set your gain to a set amount with no distortion for a certain type of input. That makes sense. In this case we could be dealing with different types of input though and specifically wanting to chase down subtle noises or just general troubleshooting at full levels...

Originally Posted by sam_sam_sam View Post
I have learned a lot with this post keep up the good work
Yeah, me too. I was really expecting this to be one of my simpler projects, and it's turning out to be a lot more complicated.

At least I found some perf board. Does anyone have a good schematic/layout tool they use? I haven't looked into it yet, but I think I'll use something like that to get the arrangement to how I like it first...
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