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Default Re: bad batch of ncc lxf in xycom industrial pc's?

Originally Posted by linuxguru View Post
Some larger LXFs had an issue in the past with electrolyte leaking out of the bottom bung. AFAIK, the cause hasn't been pinpointed conclusively - it could have been a bad batch, but it could just as well have been improperly bent/inserted leads during assembly which damaged the bottom seal. The issue was noticed by a high-end audio company - possibly Bryston (I could be wrong).

I still use LXFs for PSU recapping, and haven't run into any leakage yet, but in most cases the ATX PSU is oriented in such a way that the caps are hanging suspended from the PCB - so this issue may never show up. What I like about the LXF is the claimed 15k hour endurance number - we'll see how it goes.

The dimensions on my 2200/16 LXFs are 12.5 x 29 mm, brown sleeve, Japanese thin/narrow vent scoring, straight leads. Yours look shorter and stouter, but they may be a custom series.
Trying to fix a Dyna Corp DCF 704 Performa 6200 PSU, the LXFs in the 12mm size leaked from the bung FYI
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