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Default Re: Honda CX500 Motorcycle CDI ignition unit

Originally Posted by redwire View Post
Just an update, I've been slow because of weeks of heatwave here I couldn't be on the computer at night with sweat dripping off my head. Most of the PCB layout is done. I have all the component values. Not sure if a person can buy the connectors, somebody seems to sell them.

Using the original Honda CDI box, you need to put parts on end and then potting compound or else the vibration would just wreck it. There's no PCB mounting holes either.
So I went with the Hammond 1554C/Bud waterproof enclosure, it's all I can find.

I had to order some parts because the semiconductor shortage has cleaned out stock of SCR's, most are out of stock for 6 months now. It's really unstable. I want to use TN1215 main SCR's and D2PAK. Even thermistors 27 week lead time.

I learned the pulse capacitors 2.2uF 400V polypropylene really suck in small sizes. Say 20mm wide parts are for EMI filtering and "designed for DC applications that do not require a significant amount of pulse current " I had some china CBB22 and they are just low quality and very cheap, and I thought they might not last. Panasonic ECW-F high-pulse current is best but huge 28mm and hard to stuff in the box but I am going with them. I would rather spend $10 extra using top quality automotive-rated AEC-Q100 parts as much as possible to avoid a breakdown, compared to Finnbox later using some low cost aliexpress caps.
I'll let you know when the boards are finished.

Most everyone I know is taking CBD oil for pain (and inflammation) and having really good success. Not the THC blends though, just high CBD % medical so you can have a clear mind and still be alert. Pain from joints, arthritis, traumatic brain injury. CBD seems to be much better than pharmaceuticals for side effects.
One friend even gives it to her dog now, older German Shepherd that is way more active, it must have some pain somewhere because it cheered up a lot.

edit: R17 is for the rev limiter and is 1k on all pics and documents that I can see. 22R would inactivate it I think. R27 are the two off-board CAL resistors,
That's remarkable what you have done Redwire. think you are probable right about the enclosure when you need extra space for those better caps.
There is still another option that I can always relocate the CDI box elsewhere where there is more room if it wont fit in original location.
Here are some photos of the connectors and a list of what they are and where they go. Ive listed them in the same order as the schematic to make it easier.
2 way female spade
8 way female spade.
orange/white (left tdc)
orange/red (left tdc rtd)
orange (left adv)
lt-blue/white (right tdc)
light-blue/red (right tdc rtd)
light-blue (right adv)
3X female bullet connectors
black/white (on/off)
yellow left coil
peach (right coil)

Off subject: I haven't tries the CBD oil so maybe that's worth a try...
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