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Default Re: PS3 CECHC04 no power

Sorry I didn't mention that, I will replace both RSX and NECs on both (at least on one mobo).
Yeah, as You mentioned, having just one failure point being quite easy to replace NECs would be perfect, but unfortunately in most cases for reliable operation RSX has to be replaced as the balls and glue holding substrate and silicon core are damaged. I somehow got my hands on CECHH mobo with 90nm RSX that has 25days power-on-time and less then 500 cycles so when I will feel confident enough in my BGA soldering skills I will try to replace original chip. Of course, thermal cycles and time aren't everything, but on used boards I have to rely solely on them. You also can try doing same as Sony did for refurbs - replace old RSX with 40nm one, but it needs some other microchip or so i read. As for PSU, I don't even have the PSU that came with them, I just use known good CECHE PSU for all testing. NECs unfortunately don't cause power loss, they just cause YLOD and syscon error, if I recall correctly A0401002 error code.

I didn't know about the cooler though, good to know. Maybe liquid cooled BC PS3 would be a good project in the future

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