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Originally Posted by Uranium-235 View Post
Only the hardcore techs get Seasonic PSU's
No, hardcore techs buy broken PSUs and fix them. And harder hardcore techs buy only broken Deer PSUs and (try to) fix / make them useful.
Everyone else is just nubs.
(j/k, of course)

Originally Posted by BigTroll View Post
See how it says accessories required to use the product, I would say a cpu power cable is a required accessory.
Seems like they did goof up indeed. But glad they did send you the necessary cables, in the end.

On that note, this is exactly why I dislike modular PSUs so much. Sure they can make a build seem neater... but do they really? If you look at modern cases nowadays, 99.9% of them come with slot for the PSU on the bottom of the case and not the top. Not only that, but like 90% of them have a metal cover/shroud over the PSU area, hiding all of the cables regardless of how many or few there are. So even when using a non-modular PSU, you can still make a super-clean-looking build. Thus, I challenge PSU manufacturers to actually give us a good reason for still making modular PSUs. It only adds to the overall cost of the PSU. Not to mention that more connectors = higher voltage loss... and also lower reliability. But the absolute worst part about modular PSUs: if you buy a used one, it will almost NEVER come with all of the modular cables.

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