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Default Re: Adapters Voltages?

"the higher the no-load voltage which than drops drastically with load. Not sure where you took that 50 % from" from taking apart 100's of 100's of wall warts for failure analysis, beside if they design the wall wart with such high output impedance they will have to use higher Voltage cap rating.
Also if the device being power by this wall wart and only drawing 80% of rated current for head room purpose, the supply Voltage will be way too high for the device.

"Once I had a 12V 500mA wall wart and unloaded it was reading around 28V (but with a 24 ohm resistor - 500 mA load), it was 10% of the labeled 12 volt rating." Just think about this, what Voltage will be feeding the device if it is only drawing 100mA or less in standby mode? Will you want to use this wall wart?
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