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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
I also have a 2MB S3 Trio PCI as well. It came from a dumpster computer. Normally, I use it as a test card. Seems to handle the task well.
Yeah, I do those with the Trio cards nowadays. I actually had to use one of them to see if the M571 board was working at all, then I enabled the onboard video afterward.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Those ISA sound cards are cool, though - and very rare these days. Probably have decent sound, too - of course, if you can find the right drivers for them.
The ISA cards were interesting to me. I actually had no clue what ISA was at the time when I obtained them. All I saw was that they were old. Never actually thought of getting the right drivers then, either, as long as it worked.


At one point, I used one of the Trio video cards along with an older nVidia card to obtain dual monitor support for the Dell Dimension 8200. It kept freezing the computer, so that prompted me to replace them entirely and I bought a better graphics card for it.

The ATI card was part of the original A-trend setup, but because I didn't know better (or know anything about graphics drivers at the time), the S3 Trio 64V2 (or 64V+, can't recall) took its place. Years later, the D8200's nVidia took that card's place.

The Sound Blaster one is currently in the computer with the A-trend motherboard, as that one did not come with a sound card at all. Out of boredom, a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz PCI sound card is installed with it. That particular sound card is a lot louder than the Santa Cruz one, and I kept forgetting that every time I played a MIDI on its highest volume (by accident!), scaring both my sis and myself.

The Compaq ES1869 sound card, on the other hand, is in the for sale pile with some other computer components. It was originally meant for the computer with the M571 board. Also put it in the Dell Optiplex GX1, but it always froze the PC.
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