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Default Re: Help with capacitor for Asus Radeon 6870

That little logo denotes the capacitor is made by Apaq... which is pretty much what ASUS uses all the time.
"5KR43" string indicates the series and date code, with "5K" meaning these are the AP-CON AR5K Series. R43 is the date code... but we aren't really interested in that.
Going by the above datasheet, ESR is listed as 10 mOhms, and RC (ripple current) as 5000 or 5230 mA, depending if the height is 8 mm or 11.5 mm.

The Nichicon PLS cap you have picked on digikey is pretty close and should work fine - just make sure its height is appropriate (12 mm) and will fit as a replacement.

Otherwise, a slightly cheaper (40 cents, lol!) alternative is this Sanyo SEPC, which has the same ESR and RC ratings as the Apaq 5K that was originally on the card.
Another option is Nichicon PLF series.
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