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Default Re: Windows XP EoL Security Rollup...or similar?

Originally Posted by stj View Post
what is the mastering software?
linux with wine is very good now - and you select the windows version to emulate.
Nero 6.3.1.xx

Won't run on 7 even in compatibility mode....and this guy isn't the most tech savvy.... I got the task of putting it back together on his early P4 system that had a spinner HDD fail. I upgraded it to a SSD with adapters (no SATA)...and of course his requested software is working fine.....but he still insists on web browsing with this thing (uses Opera) rather than leaving it offline and web browsing with something modern...hence checking around for a security rollup post-SP3. On something this slow, I can't even imagine trying to view modern bloatware sites, but I digress.
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