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Default Re: Seagate ST500LT012 Problem

Originally Posted by dicky96 View Post
how does one go about changing the head stack? step-by-step if possible. Just for the purposes of learning to do data recovery, it sounds interesting, if not down right fun

Here's a simplified process:
1) Remove drive cover.
2) Install jig to protect heads.
3) Remove top head stack magnet.
4) Unscrew connector that connects head stack to the controller board.
5) Unscrew and remove head stack.
6) Repeat steps 1-5 for donor head stack.
7) Install and screw in donor head stack.
8) Screw in connector from donor head stack.
9) Reinstall top head stack magnet.
10) Remove jig.
11) Reinstall drive cover.
12) Connect drive to computer running specialized software.
13) Build head map and recover as much data as possible. Note: Head 0 is critical. No Head 0, no data recovery.
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