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Default My Uni-T died... looking for a replacement

Hello people, hope you are all doing well!

I have a lovely Uni-T UT139C, which I've used during the past couple years, but has unfortunately died on me. It comes up with an ErrE error, and upon a quick search, it seems to be related to communication with the main chip (or the chip itself).

Putting it aside for the time being, I need a replacement (then possibly trying to repair this Uni-T later). And this is where I need your suggestions, because, I'm not an electronics person, but rather an IT one. I am occasionally doing basic electronic component repair to laptop boards, and occasionally trying to repair electronics on random devices for fun... time permitting!

I'll be honest, the features of the UT139C are far from what I've ever used, and probably also far from what I will ever use. So my question is, which brand/model do you suggest for my needs? Unfortunately I've had a no brand multimeter that worked for years before the Uni-T, so I'm naturally questioning the reliability of Uni-T... although this could very well be bad luck (just like with any other machine).

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