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Default Re: Fake Nichicon PS series?

You better believe they're fake...

Pull em- they'll have flat or bullseye bungs.

Seen on lots of cheep kits/modules, on banggood, icstation, ebay, etc.
"Perception management"- kitmakers' items stand out this way. "Japanese caps are better," amiright?

It's an earlier module you got. The stock pix still show fakes, but they're shipping now with fakes in their natural appearance. Got some BG kits here with "BH," "JWCO," "changX/chongX," which is what those "Nichicons" really are. Such low grade trash they don't even bother to get the colors right.
Real PS are brown with white printing, like PWs; not just fakery but half-ass fakery, like they're not even trying. Again, all about perception.

2200u 50v PS are 18x35.5mm.
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guilty of being cheap-made!

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