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Default Re: Fake Nichicon PS series?

Originally Posted by jayjr1105 View Post
What was ESR? The fakest of fake caps will still be around the correct capacitance.
0.14 ohm ESR, 0.3% Vloss. I suppose that ESR is OK considering the accuracy of the meter. At least they are "real".

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
But vent is misspelled as "VEHT".
I read that scam emails purposely misspell words to ward off those who are paying attention. Though I suppose it's more likely that they simply don't know or care

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
As for some of the smaller caps on my board - JWCO brand, like yours.
I have a bag full of various values of small capacitors from AliExpress. Almost every value is a different brand. I have Jwco, HuaHong, JNC, ChangX, JEC, JackCon, Chong, MHC, HongKai, Fujicon and United.
I see that Fujicon is especially well-known on this forum. I wonder how many of the others are marques of the same manufacturer(s).

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
If they are miniaturized 85C GP caps, they might (optimistically) be capable of handling 50V.
I think with any component of questionable provenance/veracity it's a good idea to significantly de-rate it, if using it at all. Though I'd always prefer stuff from reputable sources.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Hopefully it came out of some junk legit power adapter. Otherwise, if new, you never know how legit the part is and whether it will do its ratings.
Good point! Would be funny if the original power adapter used fakes/rejects though.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
expect there to be some chance of magic smoke
Nice to have some excitement!

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