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Default Re: Favorite Consumer/Small Biz Grade Networking Equipment

Mikrotik. More options than UBNT and 30-40% cheaper than UBNT.
The only real issue with Mikrotiks is the ugliness of the interface and the fact that it requires some time to get used to thinking in Mikrotik terms. Although, they have a number of similarities with Cisco.
Zyxel switches are good. I not only avoid TPLink-s, but also don't particularly like them. Most of the TPLink line is purely SOHO and although they work, functions and features are much more limited than similarly priced Mikrotik. Asus networking equipment....garbage...If you even consider Asus a networking equipment brand.
For about 200$ you can buy Mikrotik that you can even use as a backbone router for a medium sized firm. CAPSMAN is not very pretty, but works. Mikrotik AC AP-s with 2x1Gbps ports and true POE are about 60$. So, for less than 100$ you can even create Hotspot and equip entire small hotel with wi-fi.
Linksys - had some decent pieces, but I don't have a high opinion of them. Because I've seen some terrible Linksys devices as well. Honestly, I would rather install ZyXEL than Linksys or TPLink.
Originally Posted by CapLeaker View Post
unmanaged switches I had the best luck with just about anything from Netgear, D-Link and TP-Link (where ever there was a deal on) in a metal box. Those survived the longest. Had a D-Link in a plastic box and I found myself one Sunday recapping it to get my network going again.
The best working router was long time ago a Cisco small biz router. That held up the best from all of them. It moved to various locations and eventually only got upgraded, because of it's age.
DLinks are one of the most terrible devices in existence. Below even TPLinks. I've seen multiple DLink routers and switches that constantly overheated or the software wasn't particularly great and required constant restarts, because the software was constantly locking up. While TPLinks are plain and simple devices, not great, but work for home Wi-Fi and if you are not to capricious, DLinks are garbage and often don't work the way it is expected from them to work from the moment they come out of the box.
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