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Default Re: SOYO SY-P4I875P Dragon 2 Platinum, 1 cap leaked, need replacement help

on the vrm (ones next to the CPU). replace it with the same values if you possibly can, if you can't a 20% increase in uf is tolerable. just don't go down in voltage. when it comes to the ones around the CPU, try for just rubycons, it shouldent hurt anything. On occasion replacing some of the other random caps around your motherboard might suffer problems from lower ESR caps, but thats usually with the really small caps (like 470uf 16v and so on). replacing the ones around the VRM for your memory with low ESR rubys is ok too, also your AGP slot, and PCI slots. but usually the ones around your CPU are the the culprit for instability issues, as they are put under the most stress, hence most likely to fail first

sometimes after caps get bad and you use it for a long time they can damage other components, which is why some recapping fails, cause the caps stopped being the problem
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