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Default Board View files - pay sites

Hi guys
I trust this topic is OK for discussion here

When I am googling for board view files I find a lot are on various pay sites. In particular I find a lot of links to an Indonesia forum but it seems I have to pay (VIP member) to down load them: For example I am currently looking for a boardview for Asrock Z87 Exteme4

I know a lot of folks here kindly share boardview files and schematics for free -and I doubt the sites charging money actually have any sort of intellectual property rights to sell them

Having said that I am not adverse to paying for resources if they are genuinely going to be useful to me and I can't easily find them for free elsewhere.

Are any of these pay sites actually worth the money? To me 'worth the money' would be defined as actually providing good quality files, free from malware and having a high likelyhood of finding what I need there.

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