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Default Re: Overclockable Dell computers.

Hmm.. I wonder if this ThrottleStop will work with the bigger Dell Precision workstation PCs, like T3500.

Reason I wonder is because I just bought a T7500 for cheap with 2x (I think... we will see) Xeon quad core CPUs. Planning to upgrade to 2x hex-cores and maybe overclock them a little if this software allows it. But I dunno... this is socket 1366 stuff, so I think the mem controller is in the CPU and hence ThrottleStop won't work(?)

Originally Posted by Retrorockit View Post
For actual performance the T3400 workstation is better withQX9650 and dual GPU support. I've picked up T3400 MB for $14 each.
It's mind-boggling how much the price has gone down on these old workstations. They can still be 100% useful, though.
This is one reason why I just can't see myself going to the store and buying all new hardware for my next built - there are just so many cheap older parts with tons of life left in them.

Originally Posted by brethin View Post
i still have like 5 of the xps 410 with 3.4 pd cpus, they are tanks.
Many of those old Dell BTX systems are. Well, badcaps aside in some of them (both in PSU and on motherboard), they are very reliable. I still see offices around here with these machines handling various duties. In fact, the company I contract for still has a fleet of these running (mostly Dell Optiplex 755 and similar with Core 2 Duo's.) On some of them, you can see a wall of dust on the front intake.
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