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Default Re: Drilling holes laptop bottom

Originally Posted by piernov View Post
65C is cold for a laptop.
A good amount of recent laptops are designed to run just below thermal throttling under load which is often 95C to 105C.
Well, it has integrated into the processor video and the processor itself is socketed. So, the prime concern in laptops about the possibility of mobo death is kinda of avoided here. But still, above 55-60C with 20-30% CPU load seems a little bit high. And its definitely not the thermal paste. I use Arctic Silver(made in USA haha or so the syringe says..) And have replaced the thermal pads with better. Yet, I would like to see temps like 40C when Idle and not above 55 under light load like youtube and so on.
And there arent any bottom vents, so the airflow of the fan is not the best. BTW, the laptop is business series HP Probook 6540b... From the time, when HP still manufactured decent stuff
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