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Default Re: Philips LCD TV with Sound, No Picture (model 42PFL5322/10)

Originally Posted by sagie View Post
I can order a replacement PSU on eBay, but I'm not sure if this is where the problem's at. From the control line behaviour I tend to believe the fault might be with the inverters.
2 seconds to black can be

a) bad caps
b) bad ccfls and/or wiring
c) bad inverter transformer

a) It looks like all Rubycon caps and Rubycon has a good reputation for reliability so we will assume they are good for now.

b) A single bad ccfl or wiring can cause the inverter circuitry to go into protection mode and shut down all the ccfls.

c) Let's focus here first. There seems to be 10 inverter transformers on either side of the TV. You will have to measure the resistance of secondary pins for each of the 20 inverters. If there is a part number, report it.

All 20 should read within 3% of each other. If not, you have a bad inverter transformer. If you need help identifying which are the correct pins, take a clear close up picture of a couple of them (just 2 is the picture).

2 seconds to black is discussed in more detail at (starting with posts #13 and #14)
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