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Default Re: Philips LCD TV with Sound, No Picture (model 42PFL5322/10)

Originally Posted by retiredcaps View Post
c) Let's focus here first. There seems to be 10 inverter transformers on either side of the TV. You will have to measure the resistance of secondary pins for each of the 20 inverters. If there is a part number, report it.

All 20 should read within 3% of each other. If not, you have a bad inverter transformer. If you need help identifying which are the correct pins, take a clear close up picture of a couple of them (just 2 is the picture).
OK, the transformers are all 4004Qs. I tested all 40 secondary winding pairs, they all measure in the range of 1310-1360 Ohm. Went ahead and tested the 20 primary winding pairs, they all measure in the range of 1.1 - 1.6 Ohm.

I'm assuming my readings indicate the transformers are OK. Can anybody offer some more advice?

Many thanks!
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