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Default Re: Philips LCD TV with Sound, No Picture (model 42PFL5322/10)

Originally Posted by sagie View Post
This time, they were all in the range of 1300-1333 Ohms, which makes the max reading still within 3% from the min reading.
Those readings suggest the inverter transformers are likely good.

Yes, each of the 2 boards carries 5 medium sized caps and a small cap.
The Mercedes Benz vent and the brown color suggest they are United Chemi-con caps. UCC is a reliable manufacturer, but they have a problematic series with the KZG caps.

Assuming the caps are good on the inverter board and power board, that leaves the ccfls and/or wiring to check.

I'm not sure how to test the 20 ccfls. I'll have to think and do some searching.
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