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Default Re: Apple 24" iMac A1225 EMC2134 with a Delta ADP-240 AF B SMPS, won't start

I took the power supply out.
I had to cut the heatshrink off the 2 33uf 35V caps with a sharp exacto knife.
I found the following ESR values:
33UF 35V (130) X2 - 1.0 ohms
100uf 35V - 0.5 ohms
220UF 35V X2 - .25 ohms
820UF 25V - .25 ohms
470UF 16V - .25 ohms
1000UF 16V X6 - .1 ohms
150UF 50V - .25 ohms
120uf 450V X2 - .25 ohms
All caps are RubyCon 105 caps, except the 33uf 35V ones.

Seems like they are all within spec for these caps.
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