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Default Re: Tesla m40 burned my motherboard VRM

I had all pciex occupied when things happened. Video card (small one but without power input), wifi card and sound card + tesla.

I am wondering is it possible the card is only sucking power from pciex port rather than from the pciex power wires?

Maybe using all those cards caused the VRM to be overloaded? Maybe only when the driver turned on the card it started to consume big??

The worst I think is if the card turns on some circuit that is shorted or something when driver starts. Biggest concern to me.

I tend to not think the screws caused issue. They had plastic washers yes and never caused anything before. They were also not supertight. I only tight them enough so the thermal pad touches the FETs. Where watercooled. No leaks at all. Seems the CPU survived. Could not properly test cause the guy didn't had compatible motherboard and is not easy to find these days 1155 boards. The CPU got hot when putted in motherboard he tested. That is a good sign. Motherboard beeped. RAM was ok. Looks to me the VRM received some sort of overload. As I tested with meter only one row of the mosfets reads shorted. The other row seems to be fine.

I was thinking to maybe test the card with some of those pciex raisers that have a chip in between.

It would be great if I could use this GPU to make my calculations. Cause they are lost and now are more expensive with this silicon crisis. Even considered getting my hands at one of those. But they are expensive.
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